Company Overview


Reliance Label Solutions specializes in manufacturing hazardous container labels for the Petroleum, Chemical and Environmental industries. Our chemical drum labeling solutions meet GHS, HazCom and IMDG labeling requirements. Reliance was the first U.S. label manufacturer to offer BS 5609 Section 2 & 3 certified label materials for sheet-fed laser, two-color thermal transfer, inkjet and continuous-form color lasers.

"We're On It ®" with certified materials, manufacturing best practices, our Vision ® GHS Label Printing Software, inventory management and same-day* shipping. Our GHS compliant products include labels, label printing software, color printers and printer consumables.

Reliance has proudly served petroleum refiners and marketers, chemical manufacturers, chemical distributors and general industrial markets for over 30 years. We are centrally located outside of Kansas City and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our Seattle subsidiary, Reliance Barcode Solutions, provides digitally printed label solutions serving the Library, Printed Circuit Board, Telecom and Packaging industries.

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Reliance Barcode Solutions

Reliance Barcode Solutions, a division of Reliance Label Solutions, is a label manufacturing company specializing in digital labeling. We are located outside of Seattle, Washington.

Our products include barcode, asset, warehouse and electronic labels. Our manufacturing experience extends over thirty years with an emphasis on quality. We work to offer you a complete labeling solution with custom and standard label stock, printers and label printing software.

We currently serve the library and electronic markets with a dedicated team of account managers, production leaders and printing staff with specific knowledge of each market so that you are ensured a easy ordering process along with an exemplary product.